Many people who love taking long road trips would be well served by owning a camper trailer. The reason for this is that a travel trailer is perhaps the only thing that can make you feel at home while traveling. For example, in case you have not yet reached your destination, and are in need of some sleep, off-road camper trailers can provide you with peace of mind, given than many of them have installed beds, and that this is perhaps the best way of enjoying a family or group vacation without checking into motel.

History of camper trailers

In places like Europe, travel trailers have been in use for a very long time, and some of the famous names that pioneered this type of vehicle are West Hartlepool and William Gordon Stables. Mr. Stables named his traveler the wanderer and used it to tour the British countryside on many occasions. The use of travel trailers gained immense popularity in America during the early 1920s, and one popular figure linked to this revolution was John Anthony. Anthony built the first home-made camper trailer which he used to travel to the western states extensively. Nowadays, there are many camper trailer models to choose from based on size considerations, and also on the amenities available.

The amenities you are likely to find in a travel trailer

Camper trailers include many facilities that can be found in homes. In many instances, modern trailers are fitted with items such as a gas powered refrigerator, microwave, heater, shower, mp3 player, air conditioning system, removable toilet, and an electricity source. Beds are also common, and the most preferrable models are those that can be turned into chairs for daytime seating. All these items in one movable space mean that a traveler will hardly miss living out of a stationary home. The result is that one creates a self-sustaining system which is hard to replicate in any other way, such as by using backpacks to carry items that will be used during a vacation. Thus travellers can place their attention on enjoying a trip, rather than worrying about what they need to take along with them.

Popularity of camper trailer use for vacation experiences

Many people find the use of camper trailers for vacations to be an exciting experience. These vehicle add-ons are durable and offer excellent security compared to using foldable tents for sleeping and storage of items during vacations. It is sometimes rare to encounter the use of camper trailers in many parts of the world unless you are from North America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia where many people prefer them. There some countries where there are strict regulations regarding the designated locations where camper trailers can be used. In places where such restrictions are in place, fees or special permits are usually required before a person can be allowed to park and deploy trailers.

Camper trailer models

Camper trailers are available in different design models, and the variations include the number of people they are meant to carry, the number of wheels, size, and source of power. For instance, there are double-decker camper trailers that can be deployed to assume two levels and many of these models are popularly used as moveable dressing rooms in the motion picture industry. Off-road trailers are also common with people who love to explore the extreme conditions sometimes associated with the countryside, without necessarily being restricted to driving on gravel roads or paved highways. Hybrid camper trailers are often preferred as they offer great convenience thanks to their relatively small space/weight ratio. However, their major limitation lies in the fact that they are not well insulated.